For many, edging closer to their thirties is a milestone that fills social media feeds with proposals, weddings and babies. Jim Chohaili of Diamond World Jewellers has seen his fair share of nervous moments and incredible proposals and has the insider tips to create a stand out proposal.

“I have been creating engagement rings for over 17 years and I’ve seen every idea under the sun, on all kinds of budgets. I feel very lucky to help seal the deal with some serious sparkle,” says Chohaili.

In an industry that turns over two billion dollars each year as over one hundred thousand Australians tie the knot, making your proposal stand out from the pack means thinking a little creatively.

Winter is all about cuddling on the couch, wine by the fire and spending time indoors with your partner in crime. It’s also the perfect time to sweep your lady off her feet with a unique and unforgettable proposal.

“Create a thoughtful proposal – make it personal. That’s the thing that always gets me – you can spend all kinds of money but I love to see something created from the heart,” says Chohaili.

“Take your lover down memory lane with clues leading to each of the parks, cafes and restaurants you visited throughout your relationship. They say it’s all about thrill of the chase, to me, this is romance done right,” says Chohaili.

Proposals were once an intimate and quiet affair, a bent knee in a park or over a romantic dinner – now we are moving into a realm of proposal planners, exotic holidays and lavishly orchestrated experiences. For some, creating a VIP experience is a certain way to secure the coveted answer of yes.

“Treat her like a star, there are so many beautiful wineries in the Hunter Valley. If you are looking for a show stopper, charter a flight to your favourite out of town foodie destination and wine and dine her like a celebrity,” says Chohaili.

According to Chohaili, a popular romantic winter proposal is a trip to the snow. Whether you’re a snow bunny or not, everyone loves building snowmen and nothing says romance like discovering ‘marry me?’ written in a white wonderland.

Chohaili says for those who prefer the sun on their skin, he has seen some one of a kind romantic getaways glamping in the winter sun.

“Last year a couple escaped the winter chill with a very romantic glamping adventure. The gentleman in question had thought of everything – handpicked flowers, the breakfast menu exactly as she liked it and the question was popped over a spectacular tropical sunrise,” says Chohaili.

For a twist on a classic proposal, Chohaili says he always loves hearing about proposals from the skies – hot air ballooning – and the age old throwback of horse and carriage rides.

Chohaili says to do it right – he is a traditionalist – always seek permission from her father and last but not least, make sure you perfect the ring.

“This is the main ingredient and if you have no idea, do a little background research. Take a peek through her jewellery collection and take note of the shapes, stones, style and metals that she wears, before making an appointment with a master craftsman,” says Chohaili.

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