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Each stone is a precious gift from nature and Diamond World respects and honours the subtle nuances that make a diamond unique. Our expert jeweller works with you to ensure your timeless piece is not only of the highest quality, but perfectly tailored to suit your lifestyle and desires.


To ensure only the highest quality diamonds are used, each stone is meticulously analysed and sourced by our master jeweller. Proportions affect how light travels within the diamond—a diamond cut too shallow and wide, or too deep and narrow, will lose light out the sides or bottom.


We pride ourselves on creating the perfect marriage between stone and setting. Choose from pave, claw, bezel, tension, invisible, channel, illusion, hammer, and all the latest trends in settings.

  • Pave

  • Prong (or claw)

  • Bezel

  • Tension

  • Invisible

  • Channel

  • Illusion

  • Hammer


Your engagement ring can be designed in any shape to suit your hand and personal style. Some of the popular styles are round, cushion, rectangular princess, Asscher emerald, pear-shaped, oval or marquise.


At Diamond World, we craft your band and setting using only the finest materials. Our team are on hand to provide expert advice and recommendations to help you make the best choice.


​O​ur highly conceptual jeweller will sit with you to create that perfect individual piece custom made just for you, from engagement ​and wedding rings, dress rings, earrings and pendants to bracelets and other jewellery ​such as brooches.

As trends change (and body sizes), what was beautiful twenty years ago, can require an update or remodelling. Our Master Craftsman understands the sentimental attachment to family heirlooms and the financial value of out of vogue styles.