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The pink diamond reveals the crimson colours of its birthplace, deep in the earth, coming in a range of stunning hues and intensities that mirror the beauty of a sunset in the desert—from a very intense purplish pink to a blush pink champagne.

If you’ve ever set sights on natural pink diamonds, then you’ve certainly been mesmerized by their magic. These diamonds evoke a sense of romance and luxury – and for good reason. Their scarcity and stunning beauty make these colored diamonds spectacular additions to any collection. Not to mention, they are highly valuable.

Natural pink diamonds can be found in Brazil, Russia, Siberia, South Africa, Tanzania and Canada. However, the majority of these breathtaking stones hail from the Argyle Mine in Australia.


​The Kimberley region of Western Australia is one of the most rugged and beautiful landscapes in the world, and this remote area is also home to another natural wonder—the stunning pink diamond.
The first pink diamond was discovered in the Kimberley region glistening from atop an anthill, and these superior gems have now become the most sought-after diamonds in the world. The stones are mined at the Argyle Diamond Mine, home to the world’s only intense pink diamonds and producer of more than 90% of all pinks and reds globally.

The Argyle pink diamonds are so rare that most people will never set eyes on one—from every million tonnes of rough diamonds produced at the mine, only one carat is suitable for the exclusive Argyle diamond tender. The invitation-only tender occurs once a year, and Diamond World Jewellers is honoured to be one of a select cohort of investors to gain access to some of the earth’s most precious pinks and reds.

The rarity and magical beauty of these stunning pinks and reds ensure your chosen stone will be a piece of incomparable elegance, a sparkling reminder of the Kimberley sunset to carry with you across a lifetime.