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While brilliant and pink diamonds are highly coveted, they are not the only colours in the diamond family. The colours are formed through beautiful impurities and defects which can be found in the full spectrum of colours from yellow, orange, red, green, brown, black, grey and even blue. These coloured diamonds are evaluated according to their intensity of colour.

Diamonds colour range typically varies from colourless through light yellow, this colour spectrum is graded using the industry’s D-to-Z scale. Fancy coloured diamonds are yellow and brown diamonds that exhibit hues beyond the Z range. These colourful diamonds are incredibly rare and prized collectors items.

Gem diamonds in the D-to-Z range are generally lower in value as the colour becomes more intense. For fancy colour diamonds, the opposite is true: the value increases with the intensity and purity of the colour. Large, vivid fancy diamonds are extremely rare and valuable.
There are however, many fancy diamond colours with beautiful muted hues across the rainbow of colours.

Image via Gemological Institute of America Inc.


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