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Jim Chohaili, the Diamond World Fine Jewellery Master Jeweller, is as experienced and skilled as they come in the industry. The Chohaili name is synonymous with diamond expertise, with a long lineage in the industry stretching back thirty years. A love for jewellery, gems and precious stones is part and parcel of being a Chohaili.

Jim spent his early years in Persia, where the Chohaili family is renowned for their jewellery expertise, and immigrated to Australia with his brother at the tender age of thirteen. With dreams of becoming a mechanic, Jim was instead steered towards the family business under the guidance of his older brother, who coached the fledgling jeweller in the ways of silver smithing and jewellery design, teaching Jim to solder and uncovering his fascination and talent for the fine craft. Fast-forward over thirty years, and Jim has a beautifully established jewellery emporium in Sydney’s southwest, and lives and breathes diamonds. test

Diamond trading, the sought-after Argyle pink diamond, is one of Jim’s specialities. In an industry that is closely guarded and based on trust and family, Jim prides himself on being humble, honest and an industry expert on rare and premium diamonds and intricate jewellery settings. This stellar reputation in the industry means Jim is a trusted member of the investment cohort that buys and sells some of the earth’s most precious pinks and reds from Australia’s Kimberly region, taking part in the exclusive yearly tender of Argyle pink diamonds.
Jim understands the luxury mark of pink diamonds, and how to amplify each diamond – from highlighting the stunning hues of the pink diamonds, through to creating timeless white and champagne diamond designs.

Known for his creative flair and respect for the inherent, uniquely nuanced beauty of each stone, Jim is most comfortable creating on the workshop floor, with tools in hand, or researching and analysing diamond quality for trades. Jim loves being immersed in the mystery and beauty of these precious stones, and applies his vision and technical expertise to reveal the full potency of their brilliance. His work demonstrates an evolving collection of precious stones and materials with his custom creations inspired and influenced by the distinctiveness of each individual diamond’s silhouette. Jim works collaboratively with his clients and each bespoke piece is handcrafted with unrivalled artistic passion and technical precision.

To capture your precious memories in a timeless, elegant, custom-designed piece, book your one-on-one consultation with Jim today.


​O​ur highly conceptual jeweller will sit with you to create that perfect individual piece custom made just for you, from engagement ​and wedding rings, dress rings, earrings and pendants to bracelets and other jewellery ​such as brooches.

As trends change (and body sizes), what was beautiful twenty years ago, can require an update or remodelling. Our Master Craftsman understands the sentimental attachment to family heirlooms and the financial value of out of vogue styles.